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tv   [untitled]    March 23, 2013 8:30am-9:00am PDT

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already pointed out, we've made great strides in training young women as physicians. the class at ucsf now is more than half women, and i'm very pleased about that. (applause) >> [speaker not understood] some of our traditionally male residency programs such a surgery are also more than half women now and it is with a thrill to me. the first time i walked in the operating room and the anesthesiologist, the surgeon, the nurses, and the techs were all women. the only man in the room was the patient. [laughter] (applause) >> we've come a long way. we have a long way to go. i have a lot of people to thank.
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i have my coconspirators from sfgh, [speaker not understood] and all of our wonderful women, cathy, rose, [speaker not understood], all the wonderful people who are here to support me. as well as my family and friends and i have my wonderful daughter jessica who is here from santa barbara who came up for the ceremony. thank you for doing that. (applause) >> and thank you again for this honor, i really appreciate it. [cheering and applauding]
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>> thank you, supervisor wiener. and finally, certainly not the least of our presentations will be supervisor avalos representing supervisor norman yee today. >> thanks again, president chiu. i have the honor of presenting for norman yee his honoree for women's history month. i would like to call up donna cahill. norman really wishes he could be here to present to donna, but as we knowhe is out of town. he has written up a piece for her that i will be reading for him and his words. it is wonderful to have so many women from district 7 to choose from to represent me and the district as our woman of the year. but there is no one more worthy than donna cahill. i have known donna and her work to make the lives of children and families in san francisco for over three decades.
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she will have an opportunity to speak in a minute, but she will not say much about herself, so, let me give you a glimpse of her dedication serving some of san francisco's most vulnerable children and families from the time i met her in early 1980s helping southeast asian refugees in the tenderloin reset l themselves from war torn countries to a current organization that helps homeless families with small children to get back on their feet. ~ it is a true testament to her work and her dedication that she has created such a great and high-quality program that can serve not only homeless families, but families from all special economic levels, a feat not easily accomplished in san francisco. a little more about donna. after she earned her b.s. degree in elementary education from the university of pittsburgh and after teaching children through the seta program, donna really came to san francisco.
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on her arrival, she discovered proposition 13 resulted in the layoff of hundreds of bay area teachers and having been inspired by the serious needs of students, she focused her efforts on helping those most affected by the layoffs. for more than 11 years she focused her career on re-settling refugees from vietnam. later she refocused her attention on management and expansion of programs serving families and the elderly populations in the tenderloin district. many of these programs that she began exist today. in 1991 she was recruited to open san francisco's first city financed shelter for homeless family and in 1995 worked with the city to obtain the first ever federal funding for subsidized child care for homeless family at holy family day home and became the executive director of that institution. i believe donna is an
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inspirational, compassionate extraordinary person who reflects the best of san francisco values. it is quite an honor to have donna not only as our neighbor in district 7, but as my good friend. a few years ago when i was in a serious pedestrian accident and needed to have a third operation to repair my crushed neck in redwood city -- this is norman -- [laughter] >> it was she who found time to take me to the hospital even with her incredibly busy schedule. everyone should have a friend like donna. actually, donna is the type of person that is a friend of all people. please join me in giving her a heroine's welcome. donna cahill. [cheering and applauding] >> thank you, supervisor avalos. it seems the older i get, the less i'm sure about. but there's a few things i'm sure about right now, and one
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of them is i'm accepting this award on behalf of all my colleagues in the field of early childhood education. 90% plus are women and they're under recognized, under appreciated, and [speaker not understood] under paid. i was happy to see a few other educators at the podium today, and i'm pleased that the field of early childhood education is finally being more valued and recognized. so, this award goes to all the educators. i think we have a representative from the child care provider association here. and, so, this is for them. another thing i'm sure about is that i wouldn't be standing here without the inspiration and support of my husband and my daughter. my husband is always there
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behind me and my daughter is always therein expiring me. she's a teacher in the bayview and i'm so proud of her. and the last thing i'm sure about is that i follow a long, long line at holy family day home of literally hundreds of women. the sisters of the holy family. they're the only religious order founded in san francisco and they were founded to help children of families who -- where the father was panning for gold and the mom what alone in the city for many, many months. and they embraced the children then and we're still embracing them now. so, this award is also for the sisters and i have a few board members here today who i am sure i wouldn't be standing
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here without their partnerships. so, thank you all very much for this amazing award, and i'm humbled to be here in the presence of the other women from the other districts. thank you. (applause) >> thank you, supervisor avalos. that concludes our awards ceremony today. i want to turn it back over to dr. mafli to say a few words. >> thank you. we're joined by commissioner shorter who would like to say a few words before i close. >> good afternoon, supervisors.
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this is just such a remarkable day and such a remarkable event for san francisco, and we want to thank each and every one of you for selecting such truly outstanding members of our community. and if we can just applaud them once more today before we close out. (applause) >> all of them, as you've heard their remarks in term of what it is that they're doing and what inspires them, is just such a treasure to us all. and each of you should know that you're not always leading today, but you're shaping what leadership really is about. it is about the persistence and the perseverance and the courage, the dedication, the
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love, the care, and many of you -- in fact, all of you are just so gracious in how women can lead with such power and such grace and make such an impact for all of us in san francisco and beyond. so, we thank each of you. you're truly outstanding women that are making history. so, on behalf of the commission and on behalf of the community, and again thank you to the board of supervisors for recognizing these women, congratulations. (applause) >> i just want to recognize -- we're joined by vice president of the commission, nancy [speaker not understood] rodriguez. so, these things don't happen overnight. i have to recognize my staff. and i think your staff are intimately familiar with the name carol sakko who made today's event happen. i was in japan last week. many staff were in new york.
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she rolled up her sleeves. i want to recognize carol sakko and the rest of my hard working staff. (applause) >> finally at this time, i want to invite honorees, their families, friends, and the members of the board of supervisors to join us for a brief program and reception at the public utilities headquarters, 5 25 golden gate avenue polk street. tonight spur is having a big event downstairs. i know we're going to have a reception there, but we're going to walk up the street to the puc building. there the commission on status of women will be presenting our 50 month resolution to all the honorees and the mayor and district attorney will recognize their honoreeses. we'll have staff with maps directing people. thank you for joining us today. (applause) ~ >> thank you again for being part of this month's celebration of women's history month. i want to thank my colleagues. and with that, madam clerk, do we have any more business in front of the body?
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>> that concludes our business for today, mr. president. >> ladies and gentlemen, we are adjourned. ar [adjourned] come and experience lafayette park and enjoy the people, picnic and sunshine. this is a lovely place to take an afternoon stroll with your loved one hand in hand. located at got and sacramento street in the middle of pacific heights on top of the city's steep rolling hills, lafayette park offers a great place, peaceful beauty.
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comfortably spaced tables and benches, a playground, rest rooms and tips at the end of the park. plenty of flat areas for football, frisbee, and picnic. lafayette is very much a couples park. this wonderful hilltop park is the place you can share with someone you cherish. lafayette park is located along the round at the one end campus and also easy good morning, everybody. welcome to city hall. i would like to invite all the family and now katie tang who is now supervisor. i would like to thank former mayor willie brown. he's graced us with his presence and thank me for not wearing the orange jacket this
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morning although i felt that i should because we got two people who i think represent world series types of personalities and contributions to the city. i would like to thank all the of the elected officials to our city attorney to the treasurer, department head, everyone you see before us that i think understand the importance of having both a colleague at the board. i have the pleasure on this momentous occasion of honoring of swearing in carmen and katie.
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congratulations. [ applause ] . >> as i said on many occasions it shouldn't surprise anyone in this city that women are helping me run this city in the most intelligent way, the smartest way and they both, carmen and katie have had a reputation, had decisions that they have made all through their professional career that put our residents first and foremost and demonstrated their love for this city, it's workings, for it's representation of the inclusion and for embracing all the policies that this city represents. i'm going to swear
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in carmen chu first because i have been reminded by my very smart staff that i have to create a vacancy to fill. if i may say a few words about carmen. all of us have enjoyed her leadership on the board. she will no doubt lead the office of the recorder with the same level budgetary, expertise that she has demonstrated throughout her career and particularly in the last few years i have had the pleasure of working with her in the board and getting her on the very department by department almost line item byline item view of all the things that we had to care about and being able to help me create the 2 year budget, close a serious financial gap. these were great demonstrations of her poweres
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and commitment and together demonstrated not only with the constituents of city hall but with labor, city advocates and how $2 year budget, close a serious financial gap. these were great demonstrations of her poweres and commitment and together demonstrated not only with the constituents of city hall but with labor, city advocates and how to spend 8.billion to go with the city of san francisco. every dollar is precious. she's going to help me collect more of it. but her exemplary skills are the talk of the town and they have benefited the entire city and her passion will be a great compliment to what has already been done. i want to thank andy
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zoon for this transition period. carmen shares my values and love for this city, policies of equity, of efficiencies and responsiveness for government that serves all san franciscoance. she's truly a leader and i'm so glad to perform this swearing in for carmen. so carmen, if you will, please raise your right hand and repeat after me. >> i carmen chu do solemnly a firm that i will support and
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defend constitution of the state of california against all enemies foreign and domestic that i will bare true faith in allegiance to the constitution of the united states and the constitution of the state of california. that i take this obligation freely without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion. and that i will well and faithfully discharge the duties upon which i'm about to enter during such time as i hold the office of assess or recorder for the city and county of san francisco. congratulations, carmen. [ applause ]
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wow! now, we proceed to the supervisor. and i am proud to acknowledge my appointment of katie tang as districts 4 supervisor. [ applause ] katie has demonstrated hard work and diligence under supervisor legislative aid, working with budget. stream lining bureaucracy and pushing for advocacy for our neighborhood and mall businesses. just like carmen, katie shares my values of
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equity, of efficiency and responsiveness of government to serve all of our san francisco scans and knowledge to do so and she shares our job ethics and putting this city first. for getting small residents in small district 4, they ask for continuity, they ask for depend ability, integrity, honest, they ask for katie tang to be their supervisor because she represents all these things. [ applause ] and i'm confident and i know having talked to her colleagues on the board are supervisors
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who knows what it is to be a board of supervisor from the very beginning but has the heart of the district right there with her and she's got the vision of this whole city together with me. together with that, katie if you will please raise your right side and repeat after me. i katie tang do solemnly affirm that i support the constitution of the united states and the constitution of the state of california against all enemies, foreign and domestic. that i will bear true faith and allegiance to the constitution of the united states and to the constitution of the state of california. that i take this obligation freely, without any
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mental reservation or purpose of evasion. and that i will well and faithfully discharge the duties upon which i'm about to enter during such time as i hold office as a member of the board of supervisors and transportation authority for the city and county of san francisco. congratulations. [ applause ] my pleasure to present to you our new carmen chu and supervisor katie tang. [ applause ]
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thank you very much for all being here. i just want to keep my comments very brief. i think it's absolutely appropriate to thank everybody here who has come in attendance but especially to thank district 4 residents and the merchants who work with me and i see the prips principals, i see them back there. [ applause ] . to my labor partners, to department heads, to my colleagues on the board of supervisors especially, to my colleagues citywide elected. i just want to this you so much for the opportunity to serve alongside of you and how i'm humbled by the challenge and privilege everyday. i just want to thank you. to my staff that
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i will be joining soon and the assess or's office that we'll become the best county of the state of california and we'll do that together. to mayor lee, thank you so much for this opportunity. i look forward to bringing in the money and seeing how you all spend it. [ laughter ] and of course, to my staff, first off tammy black stone. she's right there. just a heart of gold. someone who cares so much about the district. i can't tell you how lucky i am to have gotten to know you, to have worked with you. anybody
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who knows her, loves her and i hope you will have the opportunity to know tammy as i do. she's terrific. my parents, they are sitting here. [ applause ] . they raised me in a small business. i worked with them when they were in a restaurant, helped wait tables, washed dishers. that lesson has been so valuable to see how you work. thank you for that great lesson and being such great parents. of course to my sister cindy who is here with me, my sister connie who is not here, i love you all to death. we are like the chinese charles angels and i love you all. my husband, my new husband. [ applause ] . sam and brian. scott is the
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handsomest guy ever and i'm so lucky. and of course katie, katie, katie, i can't tell you, today i'm not going to tear up. i'm not going to have the tears propel off my cheeks because i'm so happy. i have worked with katie from the time i was in the budget office to the board of supervisor, she's been with me all five years. to think and see her grow, be in this place where she's now the supervisor brings me so much happiness. it couldn't have happened to a better person. i think you will all get to know katie and you have see how hard she works for the district today. today we were wondering where she was before the swearing in and she is in my
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office sending the last newsletter. we are as a city so lucky. it couldn't have happened to a better person and i want to thank mr. and mrs. tang for raising a wonderful person and an allowing know work with her. i couldn't be happier. supervisor tang? [ applause ] >> thank you so much, carmen. i would like to thank everyone who is here and thanks for supporting me throughout my career. i'm so thrilled that a lot of my mentors i saw today have been able to join me today. a lot of what i learned i still bring with me and hold today. thank you for being here. i would like to thank my
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parents. my partner. i look forward to working with you, members of the board and i have to thank mayor lee forgiving me this incredible opportunity. i want to acknowledge tammy black stone, my dear colleague. and i can't look at carmen, i'm going to cry. i really have to thank carmen. someone said yesterday at her last board meeting. it really is a testament to carmen. the fact that she is able to mentor me. she set a really great example to me and someone i look up to in the highest regard. thank you carmen, assess or chu, thanks to everybody again. [ applause ]


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